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UNFORGE: Handcrafted Website Design

At UNFORGE, we believe in glass walls. What this means, is that we believe in transparent web design. In 2016, a couple of friends got together to discuss their frustrations with the web design and web development world, and what they could do to change things. It seemed like prices ranged from unbelievably low to outrageously high, with the quality of work fluctuating just as wildly. There was no constant, no static give and return with which to contrast successful business.

Sometimes, you’d manage to find a high-quality web design firm that provided their services for a fair rate – more often, you’d scramble for months searching for a web developer that was skilled enough to clean up the mess a “professional, experienced, cheap web designer” left behind. And worst of all, the best ideas in website design – content management systems, such as WordPress design, JOOMLA design, Magento design – turned out to be the most unfriendly user experience possible. With thousands of themes to choose from, each project was a shot in the dark.

We decided that we OWED it to everyone who felt the same frustrations as we did, to combine our individual talents, and bring you UNFORGE web design. Our sincere goal is to help out as many businesses as we can, whether it be a small, brick and mortar; or a giant, multi-national corporation.

We charge fair rates, for quality work.  Nothing more, nothing less. For each client, we provide our personal phone numbers, email addresses, and make every effort to be available when you need us, not when our doors open in the morning. We focus on developing one project at a time so that we can devote our complete focus and attention to your website, not someone else’s.

That’s it, it’s that simple. We are two experienced and exasperated digital experts, that look to revive the golden days of the early 2000’s so that your ideas may flourish. Sound fair? We think so. Fill out a Request a Quote form today, and you can talk to us, and decide for yourself. No pressure.


We believe that our fixed price approach simplifies the process of website design while offering you a fantastic value. View our Pricing Plans to find the perfect match for your project.

UNFORGE No Surprises GUARENTEE: It’s simple. What you see is what you get. We are always open to discussing customized work outside of the scope of our standard packages, and we make sure to prioritize transparency. We believe that you should, and will, have a clear understanding of what you are purchasing when you go with our services. There are no hidden fees, we go over ALL your options on our initial meeting.

The POWER of a Content Management System: We exclusively offer WordPress websites, with its fully licensed custom themes. This means that from now until you retire, you will be able to make edits to your website, easily. We include a one to two-hour training session with every new project, to ensure you fully understand how to make your own edits, such as adding images, updating your content and blog, even re-arranging page layouts, without having to hire an expensive freelancer. Even after your project is completed, we are always available to take on additional hourly work FOR YOU, but we believe that should be a choice, not a necessity. Trust us, you will love our creations.

Custom Designs: Each project we take on is a completely custom process from start to finish. We design beautiful websites around your specifications. Each project is unique, and no two designs will ever be the same. We take pride in a job well done and want our clients to feel the same way. You will be able to contact a designer at any time, weekday or weekend, and will receive weekly status updates and design previews so you know exactly how your project is progressing. Each website is smart, modern, mobile friendly, on a framework of clean code.

Friendly consultations: Each project begins with your request, after which a phone call, video conference, or personal meeting with an assigned designer will take place. They will listen to any ideas, thoughts, or themes you feel would be appropriate, and work around your dream. We will never stuff templates down your throat, or pitch you something that isn’t appropriate for your project, GUARENTEED.